Our Story

INSESSA TECHNOLOGIES CC provides specialized services in ensuring the business and work environment meets modern IT infrastructural capacities while allowing for the ease of management of a wide range of enterprises facets. We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions guiding or aiding you all the way from system design through procurement, installation and management.


Our company philosophy is to create a firm that businesses want to partner with: easy to find, professional and friendly, and ultimately easy to work with on projects.


We’ve designed our entire process and products around providing everything a small businesses needs when they’re starting out – ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. We give our clients full control of their products / solutions without a ridiculous price tag, and our friendly team offers their expertise even after your product / solution is in use


A group of professionals and consultants that operate within our systems consultancies disciplines. They work in areas such as networking; server deployments and advisory services; systems audits; ICT security; virtualisation; anti-virus deployments and data backup and data recovery services.


These professionals assist in ICT related procurement; LAN network cabling and physical equipment repairs. At Insessa, we are not vendor biased and are always striving for the best and most affordable solution to meet the needs outlined by our clients.